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When life’s got you searching for “Tow Truck Near Me,” we’ve got the fastest roadside assistance in Ann Arbor.

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Emergency Towing Ann Arbor specializes in a range of roadside assistance services including towing services for all different types of vehicles (including cars, trucks and recreation vehicles), lockouts, jump starts, and any uprighting or lifting. 

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The Fastest Towing Company Ann Arbor has to Offer

Emergency Towing Ann Arbor is a small locally owned business that takes pride in being the helping hand you need when on the road. We offer a wide range of roadside assistance services, anything from uplifting a school bus to jump starting a MINI Cooper. If you’ve run into a sticky situation on the road, think EMERGENCY TOWING ANN ARBOR! We’ve got you covered. 

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Why Choose Us

We take pride in being the one you call during sticky situations.

Here are some reasons to choose Emergency Towing Ann Arbor

When it comes to the unexpected and stressful situations that arise from vehicle breakdowns or accidents in Ann Arbor, one company stands out as the top choice: Emergency Towing Ann Arbor. With unwavering commitment to quality service, exceptional expertise, and customer-centric approach, there are numerous reasons why consumers should confidently choose us any time they find themselves searching for “tow truck near me”.  

One of the key factors that sets Emergency Towing Ann Arbor apart is our round-the-clock availability. Emergencies don’t adhere to a schedule, and that’s why this company is available 24/7, 365 days a year. No matter the time of day or night, our dedicated team is ready to provide swift assistance and ensure that customers receive the help they need promptly.

In addition to availability, Emergency Towing Ann Arbor boasts a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. Our technicians possess extensive knowledge in the field of towing and roadside assistance, enabling them to handle a wide range of situations with efficiency and expertise. From jump-starting a dead battery to recovering vehicles from difficult terrains, our team is equipped to handle any challenge.

Safety is of paramount importance at Emergency Towing Ann Arbor. We understand that customers entrust their valuable vehicles to our care, and we take this responsibility seriously. With state-of-the-art equipment and a well-maintained fleet of tow trucks, we ensure that vehicles are handled with utmost care and securely transported to their destination.

Moreover, Emergency Towing Ann Arbor is known for our exceptional customer service. We prioritize clear and open communication with their customers, ensuring that their needs are fully understood and addressed. From the moment a call is made, our friendly and professional staff guides customers through the process, providing updates and answering any questions that may arise.

Lastly, Emergency Towing Ann Arbor believes in fair and transparent pricing. We provide accurate estimates and strive to deliver cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality of service.

In conclusion, consumers should choose Emergency Towing Ann Arbor for their towing and roadside assistance needs due to our 24/7 availability, skilled technicians, emphasis on safety, outstanding customer service, and fair pricing. With Emergency Towing Ann Arbor, customers can trust that their automotive emergencies will be handled efficiently, professionally, and with utmost care.


Multiple Professional Tow Truck Drivers working at all times.


Fastest Roadside Assistance in Ann Arbor.


Competitive Pricing.



Emergency Towing Ann Arbor definitely has your back! My car had broken down on my way home from work late at night, so I Google searched “tow truck near me”, one phone call later one of their guys was on the way to me and I was able to get myself and my vehicle home! They definitely are fast. 

Andrew Roman

Better than calling AAA!

I’m not from Ann Arbor but I was driving through when I accidentally locked my keys in my car while stopping for food. Emergency Towing Ann Arbor was their in no time and within an hour I was back on the road!

Allison Best

If you ever need a quick reliable tow truck in Ann Arbor, these are your guys 100%

Jeremiah Reiff

When Life Takes a Left, We've got You Right.

Life have you searching for "towing company near me"or "tow truck near me"? Look no further. We have the fastest tow trucks in Ann Arbor.

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